Sunday, October 09, 2005


The First Open Stage Variety Show

The first Open Stage Variety Show went quite well, though a bit sparely attended and performed. Which was fine; I kind of wanted it small, to ease into it. But we got some press- a reporter/photographer from the Antioch Record interviewed me and stayed for the show. We'll have to wait till Friday to see what they have to say about us.

The line-up:
  • Katie McDermott read two poems: "That Marilyn Appeal" and "Aurelin And Thalo".
  • Josh Amses read an untitled prose piece.
  • Louise Smith sang two original songs and read a prose piece she wrote to a song by Laurie Anderson, of whom she is a fan. Louise has been teaching at Antioch for over a decade and has been writing for the last three years.
  • Emma Woodruff sang and guitarred two songs that were half-written.
  • Myself and Jill Summerville did a structured improv sketch titled "Bus Stop", which we will do again next time a la Boal's Forum Theatre, inviting audience members to participate, due to its controversial nature.
  • Katrina Molnar did a puppety, in-progress modern dance about codependency.

    The whole evening was nice and intimate and casual, which was precisely the feel I'm going for. Like an open mic in a coffeeshop, only better, and more versatile in terms of what can be staged. The energy was up, the pieces diverse, and I hope it will continue along the same lines, only getting bigger.

    The next ones are October 21, November 4 and 18, and December 2. All Fridays, all 8pm, all at the Antioch Theatre.

    Want to get involved? Contact me, Vanessa the Curator, at (937) 769-1030 or visit the web site.

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