Saturday, October 22, 2005


Open Stage Variety Show - October 21, 2005

The second Open Stage Variety Show, held on October 21, 2005, was amazing. There is, however, already some lore. We're cursed. The weather was crappy- cold and rainy- and the last time it rained was the night of the first Open Stage, and that was the first time it had rained in a long time. And for students and people without cars, the campus theatre is not the most convenient place to get to. And even with cars, there's that whole stretch of Corry Street that's not got one streetlight (or sidewalk!). What's with that, anyway?

Anyway. A group from Xenia- the Athletes In Action Players- came out and dominated the audience. Pre-show music was once again provided by DJ Earthdog. Our donations bucket was much more plentiful.

  • Doug Adams read four short poems.
  • Rachel Moulton read half of a short story, "Joints And Connectors", which she will finish next time round.
  • On guitar and vocals, Emma Woodruff played two original songs and one by Janis Joplin.
  • Also on guitar and vocals, Josh Hershfield played two original songs and one by Bob Dylan
  • Also on guitar and vocals, Fae Kievman played three original songs.
  • The Athletes In Action Players, a women's basketball team from a Christian organization based in of Xenia, were a veritable show-within-a-show. Shauna Stone emceed their acts which included poems (two by men they'd brought along), songs, and a sketch.
  • Wrapping up the night were myself, Vanessa Burkhart and Jill Summerville as The Pathological Upstagers, performing "Bus Stop", slightly modified from last time. At the end we opened it up for audience participation, which involved me going into the trenches (audience), talk-show style, and asking directly for people's opinions and ideas. This turned into a Q&A session for Jill, who took the opportunity to give frank answers to earnest questions about her life. "Any more questions? No? Does anyone have questions for anyone else?"

    What followed was a post-show discussion that lasted about an hour, one of the most amazing dialogues I have ever experienced at Antioch. Addressed were how (and why) Jill and I developed the sketch, the stereotypes of Antioch students outside of Yellow Springs, and finally, a heart-felt exchange about the difficulties many of us have had with Christianity or, more specifically, Christians who are unaccepting of non-Christians. Conflicts with issues about queerness and other alternative lifestyles and belief systems were raised in a constructive and non-threatening manner.

    The talk concluded on its own and was followed by a post-show-discussion reception/dance-party, with more music provided by our stage manager, Alex Kesman.

    I can only hope that news of this amazing night will spread throughout the college and the town, and that more people will come to future shows, and that the open, intimate, and accepting spirit will grow.

    There are three more Open Stages this year: November 4 and 18, and December 2. All Fridays, all 8pm, all at the Antioch Theatre. Want to get involved? Contact me, Vanessa the Curator, at (937) 769-1030 or visit the web site.

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