Monday, November 28, 2005


November 21's Open Stage

The turn-out was smaller than in the past, due to Antioch's Thanksgiving break. But still it was a lively crowd, being more like active participants than spectators. In a good way. A nice diverse mix of students, faculty, and local residents. Pre-show music was provided by Vanessa the Curator (Looper's "Geometrid"- I recommend).

The line-up:

  • Columbus-based storytellers Michelle Cornell and Yiling Tien performed two family/children-oriented folk tales. Cornell is a storyteller who travels around Ohio telling stories in schools, libraries, and community centers. Tien is a musician and storyteller, composing and performing original music with stories. The two urged anyone interested in utilizing their talents locally to contact them. If you'd like to do so, contact me, Vanessa the Curator (contact info below), and I'll arrange it!
  • Antioch student Evan Cary performed improvisational flamenco music on guitar.
  • Antioch students Lizard Walker-Keegan and Josh Hershfield performed a song, respectively singing and on guitar.
  • On guitar and vocals, Antioch student Emma Woodruff performed two unfinished original songs.
  • Also on guitar and vocals, Yellow Springs resident Katrina Molnar performed three original songs.
  • Also on guitar and vocals, Antioch student Josh Hershfield played a song.
  • Joining Josh was Antioch student Carlin Esslinger- together they improvised, Josh on guitar and Carlin on violin.
  • Post-alternative comedy duo The Pathological Upstagers performed "Three Minutes".

    After the show, as proposed by Carlin, there was a jam session with all the musicians. Post-show music and talk offered a nice alternative to the usual Antioch social scene.

    Many thanks to Antioch student Mike Carroll for running the tech while our stage-manager, Alex Kesman, was out of town. Also thanks to the audience and the performers, particularly to Michelle and Yiling for making the trek from Columbus!

    There's one more Open Stage Variety Show this year: Friday, December 2, 8pm, Antioch Theatre. There's also a special event planned for the last week of classes. Stay tuned!

    Want to get involved? Contact me, Vanessa the Curator, at (937) 769-1030 or visit the web site.

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