Sunday, November 06, 2005


What You Missed (Or Didn't) On November 4

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful night. The chips and Tootsie rolls were plentiful, as was the crowd. A lot of local residents were in attendance, as both performers and viewers, a nice increase from the first two shows.

The line-up:

  • Yellow Springers Marie and Bill Slattery presented an original video, "Kitty Dreams".
  • Antioch student duo The Pathological Upstagers performed "Confessions Of A Fantasexual".
  • Yellow Springer and Antioch alum/former professor Rachel Moulton read a short story.
  • Antioch student Kelsy Waggaman performed an excerpt from her upcoming Autoperformance.
  • Antioch students Dylan and Vanessa did improv with the help of Fae and Jill.
  • Antioch student Fae Kievman performed a spoken word piece.
  • Several singer/guitarrists: Yellow Springers Karl and J.D. and Antioch students Fae Kievman and Emma Woodruff.

    Many thanks to Alex the stage-manager, John and Louise for photography and support (former coming soon!), the performers, and particularly those audience members who stuck it out and stayed for the entirety of a long and rewarding evening.

    Next time will be even awesomer. Come and see.

    There are two more Open Stage Variety Shows this year: November 18 and December 2. All Fridays, all 8pm, all at the Antioch Theatre. Want to get involved? Contact me, Vanessa the Curator, at (937) 769-1030 or visit the web site.

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